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    Public, Freight & Air Transport

    The main aim of the programme is to plan, developed, regulate and facilitate the provision of public, freight and air transport services and infrastructure through provincial resources and co-operation with national and local authorities as well as the private sector in order to enhance the mobility of all communities, particularly those currently without or with limited access.

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    Road Maintenance & Infrastructure

    The main purpose of this programme is to promote accessibility, affordable and safe movement of people, goods and services through the construction and maintenance of roads infrastructure. The programme is primarily responsible for the construction, upgrading and maintenance of the proclaimed provincial road network and bridges and the maintenance of specified public access roads.

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    Roads Traffic & Safety

    The purpose of the programme is to ensure compliance to the NRTA and to reduce road traffic accidents and injuries through intensified law enforcement operations. The programme also runs road safety education, regulates driving and vehicle licences, and sustains road infrastructure through overloading control

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    The purpose of programme Administration is to provide overall leadership and management of the Department through the MEC and the Head of the Department, as well as strategic planning, administrative and financial support to all the branches.

    Massive programme to build economic infrastructure. Building a developmental state, including improvement of public services &
    strengthening democratic institutions

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    Provincial Growth & Development

    The Limpopo Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) identified transport as an enabler in facilitating economic growth and movement of people, and goods and services.

    The PGDS places the importance of transport as the heartbeat of the economy in its strategic objective of growing the economy of the province and also in improving quality of lives

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    ANPR & Vehicle Tracking System

    This vehicle can drive around and read vehicle number plates of the vehicles passing or in front of the Police vehicle. If there is a match found of a vehicle with outstanding offenses, an alarm is sounded
    and the vehicle can be pulled off to do a check on the driver or passenger/s.

    This vehicle can also be used for stationary roadblocks to read number plates of vehicles driving through the roadblock

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    Traffic Control Room

    Traffic Control Room Centre:

    Traffic and Transportation Management Centers successfully monitor traffic, anticipate traffic delays, divert traffic and dispatch emergency response teams - ensuring public safety 24/7.

    Provincial Control Room 24/7
    Tel (015) 295 1022
    Toll free 0800006694
    Fax (015) 294 8004/ 0866512109

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